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Control Room

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Large format displays with crisp and clear content for better decision making

Front serviceability and LED illumination help lower total cost of ownership

Redundant power supplies offer high reliability in mission critical environments

Mission-Critical Visualization

Control Rooms are mission-critical environments where monitoring, emergency response, command operations or process control depend on the most reliable and high performing technology. In these settings, operators need tools that optimize their decision-making.

Versatile, ultra-high resolution video walls and large format displays are a key component of a control room's technology platform, providing sharp visibility of data and the flexibility to display it in the most effective way.


Ultimate Reliability

When the operation is critical—and safety and security are at stake—downtime is not an option. That’s why Control Room engineers need proven technologies and systems they know they can count on. High-performance displays designed for 24x7 use and engineered with built-in, redundant power supplies ensure that operations are failsafe and always continuous.


Optimal Clarity

To enhance situational awareness, Control Room personnel requires display technologies that are vivid and ultra-sharp, facilitating the most accurate and efficient interpretation of visual data—especially during crucial moments. High resolution video walls and large format displays with wide viewing angles ensure that data, maps and detailed sources are abundantly crisp and visible from anywhere in the room.


Extended Lifetime

Lifecycle and total cost-of-ownership are important economic considerations in the selection of a Control Room display system. To maximize investment, built-in technologies and designs are incorporated with some systems to help them last longer.

Service and Support

Maintaining uptime and the most functional environment are of the highest priority for Control Rooms. To ensure display technologies are properly integrated with a Control Room’s system and will continue to perform optimally into the future, it’s important to partner with a supplier who not only offers experience but access to help whenever needed.

With local technical consulting, installation and post-installation 24x7 technical support, Planar is committed to the success of a Control Room project—from design and installation to ongoing operation.


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