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 PLANAR opens the first offline experience shop in China

PLANAR opens the first offline experience shop in China



On July 23, 2020, PLANAR opened its first offline experience store of Consumer TV in GOME Retail. Jin Yongnan (general manager of consumer intelligent display business department of Leyard Group and general director of global consumer business of PLANAR) and Zhang Tao (general manager of color TV business department of GOME Retail Holding Co., Ltd.) attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.


Right in the photo: Jin Yongnan (general manager of consumer intelligent display business department of  Leyard Group and general 

director of global consumer business of PLANAR) 

This is the first time to realize offline landing after the strategic cooperation between Leyard's wholly-owned brand PLANAR and GOME Retail. It also marks a solid step in the overall layout of PLANAR's 

consumer business in China at the same time.

Jin Yongnan, the general manager of consumer intelligent display business department of  Leyard Group and general director of global consumer business of PLANAR, said in his speech that micro LED 

TV products, as the core competitiveness of  PLANAR, will inevitably open the era of big screens in the field of home appliances in China. At the same time, we sincerely welcome more friends to join 

the micro LED TV camp to further form the scale effect, thus jointly leading the new wave of China's home appliances.

Extremely fast strategic layout; quick landing of achievement (9 months)

PLANAR released new products on November 4, 2019, which marks the official entry of Leyard into the household consumption market. On International Consumer Electronics Show(CES) held in 

January 2020, PLANAR released three modular Micro LED TVs of the "THE GREAT SPACE" series (including 216-inch 8K, 135-inch 4K, and 108-inch) to overseas market for the first time, and won two 

gold awards of TV technology innovation. Even affected by the COVID-19, PLANAR and GOME Retail finally reached an exclusive strategic cooperation in June to launch a full-size series of 98-inch 4K, 

86-inch, 75-inch LED TVs.

A lot of goods news emerged in the second half of  Year 2020. On July 17, GOME retail and CCTV broadcast live on the whole network. Mr. Wang Junzhou, President of GOME, personally recommended 

PLANAR TV, which pushed the bilateral cooperation to a climax. This is also a prelude to the rapid realization of the achievements of bilateral cooperation. Today, the world's first offline experience 

store of PLANAR consumer TV officially opened in Nanjing GOME retail store. In GOME's live broadcast room, maximum discount is provided, which surprised audiences constantly.  

In less than a year, Leyard and its PLANAR quickly got multiple phased strategic results, such as brand building, product listing, and channel layout, and became a force and existence that cannot be 

ignored in the field of super-large screen of the home appliance industry.

Real super-large screen becomes available; enjoying customized service

PLANAR consumer TV is aimed at the high-end consumer market, which inevitably puts forward ultra-high requirements for design taste, hardcore technology and high-end service. The main exhibits in 

the experience store are super-large screens of above 75 inches, including the upcoming Micro LED TVs and cinema-level huge screen TVs, 98-inch and 75-inch super-large smart TVs, as well as popular 

65-inch and 55-inch smart TVs.


Originated from the Classical Greek beauty, made of super-grade material. 

In order to meet consumers' needs of installing the base, PLANAR designs the base installation mode carefully. Inspired by the Doric columns of Parthenon Temple in Athens, the design is classical, 

generous, luxurious and modern. The material used for base is the lighter but stronger carbon fiber used for supercars, so that it can support larger screen TVs with its lightest weight.

Super material, elaborate  production, first-class quality.

"THE GREAT SPACE" screen has a light source of 135, which is 3,016mm long, 1,848mm high, and only 30mm thick. The EMC shielding ground on the back of Micro LED module is plated meticulously 

with pure gold, which makes it better in flatness, better in electrical conductivity and longer in service life. Moreover, PLANAR's unique cutting and assembly technology enables PLANAR to make 

bezel-less screens. In order to solve the problem that it is difficult for households to have large screens, the mode of split transportation and delivery is adopted for PLANAR's super-large TVs.


High-end customized service, exclusive VIP experience.

For Micro LED TVs customized for high-end consumers, the appearance is customized and made by hand. Customizable items include many elements, such as size, resolution, appearance and material. 

At the same time, VIP users enjoy personalized signature and exclusive VIP service gold card. In order to dispel the concerns of the first batch of consumers about the use of new Micro LED,PLANAR will 

not only provide the service of free on-site survey, free on-site installation, but also provide free door-to-door VIP maintenance service every 180 days within two years.

It seems to walk in an audio-visual art exhibition hall when you walk in the U-shaped layout experience store. The store adopts the concise design style of American-style deep Carroll wood, which is 

concise, generous, luxurious and environmentally friendly. The design is inspired by American classical furniture elements. Combined with the excellent picture quality of PLANAR TV, a collision between 

classical home furnishings and modern technological elements was born.

China vigorously promotes the development of 5G+8K ULTRA HD video industry, which further accelerates the technological upgrading of TV industry. As a global leader in LED display, Leyard are the 

leading in Micro LED technologies. We hope to activate the home TV market with a new wave of technology, usher in a new round of industrial upgrading, and truly bring Chinese consumers into the era 

of big screen.