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 Leyard and Epistar Jointly Build the World's First Micro LED Mass Production Base in Wuxi

Leyard and Epistar Jointly Build the World's First Micro LED Mass Production Base in Wuxi


On the afternoon of December 25, 2019, Leyard Group, Epistar Group (Yenrich Corp) and Liangxi District of Wuxi City jointly signed a tripartite cooperation agreement. Huang Qin (the deputy Party Secretary and mayor of Wuxi), Li Jun (the chairman of Leyard Group) and Li Bingjie (the chairman of Group) attended the signing ceremony.


Leyard Group, Taiwan Epistar Group and Liangxi District of Wuxi City signed a tripartite cooperation agreement


Speech by the chairman and president of Leyard Group

Leyard Group will establish a joint venture with Epistar Group and officially register it in Liangxi district, Wuxi. In the future, the two sides will build the 

world's first large-scale production base of Micro LED display products of minimum size by using massive transfer technology in Wuxi, which will greatly 

promote the layout and development of Micro LED market.

As a leading enterprise in LED display industry, Leyard Group has occupied the first place in the global LED display market for three consecutive years. 

Epistar Group (Yenrich Corp) has the world's first display module with "Smallest Pixel pitch" and "Smallest single RGB LED package size" module. This time, 

the two sides have jointly established a joint venture. In the early stage, they will invest RMB 1 billion (about 143 Million US Dollars) to build a Mini LED and 

micro LED display project base, which will jointly promote the development of Mini LED and Micro LED display technology in the field of R&D, production 

and application, and further meet the high-speed growth demand of global LED market.

The project includes the entire "industrial chain" of Mini LED and Micro LED design and development, production and sales in mainland China. The base is 

scheduled to be constructed at the end of December 2019 and officially put into production in 2020 (reaching target output in 2023). The future sales 

volume is expected to reach RMB 5 billion (about 714 Milllion US Dollars).

This time, Leyard actively promotes the industrialization of the project and lands it in Wuxi, which is of great and far-reaching significance. It is an inevitable 

requirement for the state to vigorously advocate and speed up the cultivation of new science and technology industries and the construction of 

sophisticated urban economic structure. Meanwhile, it is also the inevitable result of Wuxi Municipal Government to strengthen investment attraction and 

deepen foreign cooperation.

Wuxi is the pilot zone to integrate into the Yangtze river delta, with unique geographical advantages and policy guarantee. Leyard Group, Wuxi Municipal 

Government and Epistar Group will play their respective technological, resource and platform advantages, so as to jointly promote the further development 

of Mini LED and Micro LED display technology in R&D, production and application field, continue to break down technical barriers, thus promoting the 

in-depth development of intelligent display industry.