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Leyard Brings Cutting-edged LED Screen to Surprise ISLE Visitors

Leyard Brings Cutting-edged LED Screen to Surprise ISLE Visitors


China, April 7th, 2023--Today, Leyard, global pioneer in audio visual technology, announced the company demonstrates a collection of industry-leading LED display solutions at ISLE 2023, including 8K Micro LED ultra high definition display products, iHub135Pro series intelligent LED all-in-one machines and the LV Series etc. which is recognized by ISLE visitors.

As a model of LED display innovation application, Leyard received attention and affirmation from industry experts from all walks of life. Steven Bai,Leyard Group Quality Director accompanied Hong Zhen and others leader, from the China Optical and Optoelectronic Industry Association, leaders from the China Electronics Association and Li Yingjie, ISLE General Manager visit the Leyard booth together, and the Leyard team guide and explaine products for them.


Market Recognition

There is an endless stream of customers visiting, consulting, and collaborating. Some customers from abroad come to Leyard booth specifically to achieve deeper cooperation through face-to-face communication with Leyard team.



After receiving interviews with well-known media such as China Business Network and, the exhibition manager said he was glad that the most advanced LED display solutions could be recognized by the market and Leyard has strived to take LED technology to the next level for years.


LED Display for Best-in-Class Visual Performance

At ISLE 2023, Leyard showcases its real 8K display products -- MG series. It shows the possibility and future of 8K products in commercial scenarios for the public. With the new generation fine pitch solution with front/rear access functionality, MG series achieves the high quality visual performance at a relatively low cost.


Attendees will also experience the LV Series which designed for floor screen applications and XR virtual shooting scene,conferences and a wide range of stage show.


The iHub135Pro Series delivers clear, crisp images at nearly every angle and viewing distance. The series is an excellent choice for meeting rooms and control rooms in the 5G era. 


In addition to the above three global blockbuster products, the CLI Series, the CLM Series have also attracted the attention of customers and be the focus of the audience.



Authoritative Awards 


LV系列 优秀产品奖.jpg

TXP系列会议一体机 创新奖.jpg

黑钻micro LED 创新奖.jpg

GMS轻钢系列 新星产品奖.jpg

ISLE 2023 represents the forefront of display application technology. The LED screens and system solutions exhibited by Leyard have been unanimously recognized, demonstrating Leyard's strong technological expertise in the field of LED displays.

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