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Leyard Demonstrates Cutting-Edge LED Display Solutions at InfoComm

Leyard Demonstrates Cutting-Edge LED Display Solutions at InfoComm


Thailand, November 2th, 2022-4th, 2022, Leyard showcase its LED display technology at Infocomm which is the representative audio-visual event in Southeast Asia. The company reinforce continued leadership in the LED display market with a wide array of visualization solutions designed to support best-in-class visual performance. 

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"At InfoComm 2022, Leyard is presenting high-level LED displays, "said Wyman, Exhibition Director at Leyard. "We are excited to allow customers fully understand our core advantages such as cutting-edge innovative technology, professional product development, strong delivery capability, and quality visual effect service."

New Fine Pixel Pitch LED Solutions for Unparalleled Experiences

Featured at the InfoComm Southeast Asia2022, the LV Series is newly developed and waterproof design. Available in specially designed structural components and curvable design, the series is ideal for floor screen applications and XR virtual shooting scene, conferences, and a wide range of stage show.

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Launched in 2022, the LA Series is outdoor fixed LED display with Ultra HD resolution that offers high brightness of 7000 nits and lower power consumption for saves 25% power than traditional cabinet. Built to endure the weather, the Series displays include LED treatments designed to protect them from dust, water, and low temperature, without negatively impacting the viewing experience.

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Attendees will also experience the MG Series, which is realizing signal loop feature in default, power, and signal redundency optional. Designed with commercial-grade features, the Series meets the demanding requirements of conference and digital signage applications.

LED Display for Best-in-Class Visual Performance

In addition to the above three global blockbuster products, the high-end LCH Series, the indoor fine pitch GF Series LED display cabinet and GXY Series indoor & outdoor wholesale LED display module have also attracted the attention of overseas customers and be the focus of the audience.

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As an internationally renowned display exhibition, InfoComm2022 represents the most cutting-edge display application technology.  Under the rapid development of social economy and the catalysis of post epidemic situation, the hot scene of Leyard's exhibition also shows that the Southeaster Asian market has increasingly strong demand for LED display. Leyard, who has performed well in this exhibition, undoubtedly has a first-mover advantage in the vibrant Southeast Asian market.

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