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 Leyard welcomes Hogwarts freshers with LED light and magic, Universal Beijing Resort

Leyard welcomes Hogwarts freshers with LED light and magic, Universal Beijing Resort


The Universal Beijing Resort (UBR) has gone viral online. I guess most of you cannot wait to check it out. So, now I'll show around this mysterious park and take you on a magical journey!


Universal CityWalk Beijing

The magic entrance to the fantasy land: Universal CityWalk Beijing is more than a magic entrance. It is a new trend setter of the capital.


A must-go destination

The iconic globe

This iconic globe sitting on the CityWalk is a must-go destination. A photo plus a location will give you a traffic attractor.


There are six LED lamp poles around the globe from the company. The light they shed on the globe at night will create a sense of mystery for the iconic feature and a sense of decency for the park.

Digital and Multimedia Logo

Unlike those in other countries, the UBR arranges 7 fan-shaped displays in a staggered manner to create an artistic digital multimedia logo on north and south sides of Universal Studios Grand Hotel 

Road 1 and of West Jiangjunfu Road.


As part of the style design, we spent 6 months in developing a creative concept taking into elements including line, space, color and intention and refining sketches again and again.


Peet's Coffee®

It's a pleasant thing to take a cup of coffee at the Peet’s coffee from California on the CityWalk and have a taste of Hollywood style classics. Whether you are about to embark on a brand-new 

adventure or about to leave with great memories, enjoying a Flat White here will definitely enrich your journey.


In addition to basic functions, our custom-made displays of varied sizes help give an elegant and stylish atmosphere to the shop.



Internet-famous restaurant

Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

The digital cone aquarium we made for the Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar is an eye catcher that makes the restaurant famous on the internet.


Universal CityWalk Cinema

The Leyard LED display above the Universal CityWalk Cinema will show you clips of feasts of light and shadows that will be brought to you soon.


Come here to watch a magic movie with someone you love when you are tired.

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Integrating leisure, entertainment, dining, and shopping, Universal CityWalk Beijing is an indispensable part of the park expected to promote local culture and economy.

Seven Themed Lands

Here is the visit route: wall through the glittering CityWalk, turn left and go straight to the Transformers Metrobase, and experience the Jurassic World Isla Nublar, The Wizarding World of Harry 

Potter?, Water World, Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness, Minion Land and Hollywood along the way.




Attention, spenders!

You will find all of your favorites from a wide range of merchs of movies and popular IPs displayed in the flagship store located at Hollywood, completing your memorable day at the park.