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    High-Spirited | Leyard Serving the National Games with the Power of Technology

High-Spirited | Leyard Serving the National Games with the Power of Technology


The opening ceremony of the 14th National Games of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the National Games) was held in the ancient city of Xi’an on Sep 15th, 2021. Chinese 

President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and announced the opening of the National Games.

The opening ceremony was a passionate scene, showing China's pride and joy in every frame. This is the style of Xi'an and China!



The National Games not only means the games and venues, but also an opportunity to rebuild the city. It shows the completely new outlook of Xi'an to the world. 

Leyard supports Xi'an in many aspects and dimensions from different perspectives. It provides Xi'an with screen support services and urban lighting services and helps Xi'an successfully present an 

impressive, magnificent and charming ancient capital style to the world.

The large screens of 550sqm at the Olympic Sports Center focuses on the theme of Flourishing Age of the Powerful Country

The National Games has a history of 26 years. The athletes came to the stadium with vigor and eager to win. Leyard provided two 4K UHD display screens of 550sqm installed on the north and south 

sides of the stadium. The passionate moments of the opening ceremony were presented on these two screens. Through real-time broadcasting, every moment of shocking scenes has not been missed.



Sports grow stronger as China becomes stronger. China's prosperity promotes the development of sports. Leyard stands the wind and rain and the sun to show the energetic sports style.


Leyard's on-site technical support personnel

The fine pitch LED screen in the traffic command center ensures traffic safety

Safety is the first priority in crowded sections. Leyard fine pitch LED display products and the full scene solution have built a "high-efficiency operation guarantee diagram" for the Olympic Sports Center, which can visually present the big data of traffic operation information, emergencies, road safety and other scenarios of the Olympic Sports Center. It can improve the emergency response ability of the road authorities for various road emergencies, ensure the order of road operation, and create good travel conditions for the Olympic Sports Center.


Traffic Command Center of Xi’an Olympic Sports Center

The transparent LED display installed at the subway entrance attracts people's attention

The total area of the transparent LED display installed at the subway entrance at the Olympic Sports Center reaches 240sqm. It creates a flexible and transparent beauty with its high light 

transmittance. The strong visual penetration and high-definition realistic image quality show a sense of technology and future.


Traffic Command Center of Xi’an Olympic Sports Center

The lights show the ancient history of Xi'an

After four-year careful planning, the amazing modern sports venues have been completed, the happy forest belt and the "three-river and one-mountain" ring green road have been completed and 

opened, and a 15-minute fitness circle has been basically formed. A grand event gives a millennium old capital new vitality.

Leyard undertakes the carnival of the city. It provided many important supporting projects in Xi'an, including the ones in the area around Olympic Sports Center of the International Port Area, on some

buildings and overpasses in Chanba District and in the central area of the High-tech Zone. They highlight the massiness and harmony of the millennium old capital in the night.    

The "Intelligent Assistant" goes online

The combination of smart street lights and light pole integration used in the projects in the area around Olympic Sports Center of the International Port Area realizes many functions such as smart

lighting, smart transportation and video surveillance. They are managed by a unified centralized control and operation platform to realize the perception, network and application covered by the basic

functions in the smart city system. More thorough perception, wider interconnection and deeper intelligence can better support the development and construction of smart cities.  

The integration of lamp posts: Use light poles to integrate traffic facilities such as signs and signboards along the streets to greatly reduce the number of poles along the streets in order to make the 

urban space more open and enhance the urban image of Xi'an.


Chang'an Academy--The "New Star" on the bank of Bahe River

Chang'an Academy is located at the middle of the axis. It is across the river from the Olympic Sports Center, the main venue of the 14th National Games. It echoes with Chang'an Cloud and Chang'an 



Based on the unique architectural shape, with "ink" as the background and Bahe River Water Show as the background, it provides a unique cultural and visual feast for the general public and tourists in the form of dynamic light and shadow show. The scene of "one venue, one river and one book " shows the prosperous Chang’an incisively and vividly.


The banks of Bahe River look like the Milky Way in Breeze

The project on the left and right banks of Bahe River is the main welcome guarantee route for the National Games. With "golden" as the keynote, the project seems to be a galaxy tunnel opened from 

the distance.


19 overpasses are crisscrossed

The night scene lighting design of 19 overpasses and viaducts has improved the overall bridge bodies based on the principle of green energy conservation, innovation and convenient management. On 

the basis of unified optics, the combination of point, line and surface fully reflects the structural aesthetics of the bridges.


Digital exhibition, integration of science, technology and culture

The linkage interpretation of mechanical arms and building bodies, the collision between technology and fashion, and the combination of innovation and culture make the ancient capital brilliant. 


The beautiful and bright Technology 8th Road in the night

The Technology 8th Road is the welcoming guarantee route of the 14th National Games. Mainly based on the design concept of "tranquility and harmony", it forms an overall linkage effect with the 

buildings along the way to brighten the night sky of the ancient capital.


Almost all the projects of the National Games started at the same time. At the beginning of construction, Leyard faced many difficulties, such as tight construction period, heavy tasks and few staff. However, Leyard braved difficulties, united and cooperated, scientifically allocated personnel, carefully arranged the construction period, worked day and night, and finally lit the most beautiful night in Xi'an. The ancient city, Xi'an, is about to usher in its "highlight moment".