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 Leyard's Focus and Innovation on Screen

Leyard's Focus and Innovation on Screen


On July 21st, the three-day InfoComm2021 was grandly opened in Beijing National Conference Center. Many future-oriented innovative professional audio-visual and integrated experience solutions were presented at the exhibition.

This time, Leyard has brought a variety of popular products and innovative solutions in the industry such as "216-inch Micro LED 5G+8K Display Screen", "Naked-Eye 3D Visual Effect Screen", "OLED 

Transparent Screen", "3D Polarized Light Cinema", "Virtual Shooting Studio", "Immersed Remote Conference System" and "Conference AIO", fully demonstrating Leyard's cutting-edge technology and 

the development trend of the LED display industry.


The President of Leyard Group is visiting the exhibition


Ultra-popular Leyard Booth


Committed to the R&D and Innovation of Display Technology based on the Market

This is not the first time that Leyard has exhibited the 216-inch Micro LED 8K Display Screen in China, but the series of products have been delivered for use in multiple scenes at home and abroad; If 

orders have been growing rapidly in just one year from mass production to application, the significance behind its re-appearance at InfoComm will be enough to draw the attention of the display 



Micro LED 5G+8K Ultra HD Display

Up to now, the Micro LED display application projects of CHN Energy, Saudi Aramco and a Russian Bank that Leyard participated in 2020 have all been delivered for use, with good feedback from users and high evaluation. At the same time, in June 2021, Leyard officially released whole-series Planar Micro LED household large TV to complete the layout of the consumer market. This series of 

achievements have boosted the confidence of Leyard in continuing to accelerate the breakthroughs in Micro LED display technology and market applications.

In the era of science and technology, only those with core technology can occupy the market. As the leading enterprise of audio-visual technology in the world, Leyard has been focusing on and deeply 

cultivating the intelligent display field for 26 years. From the first real-color (full-color) display screen in China, to the global original LED small pitch, and then to the leading Micro LED display 

technology... Leyard has always focused on the breakthrough of display technology, and its three technological innovations have promoted the high-speed development of the entire LED display industry.

Leyard also focuses on pre-judgment of the market in addition to technology.

In fact, Micro LED display technology has been developed for more than ten years and has been widely recognized as the most dynamic new display technology in the industry. However, if any new 

technology and new products cannot be put on the market after they are launched, such technology is of no value.

Therefore, every technological innovation of Leyard is based on the market demand and will eventually transform the technology into achievements and put them onto the market. This is also the 

reason why Leyard is always one step ahead in technology and market. 

Everything is the unity of forward and tortuous. After several years of precipitation and accumulation, the new display technology is breaking through the bottleneck problem step by step. According to 

LEDinside, the Optoelectronics Research Division of TrendForce, the output value of Mini/Micro LED is expected to reach US$ 3.9 billion by 2024. Leyard Micro LED display products are destined to have a promising future.



The conference display market is booming and the creative display market is heating up in the post-epidemic era

The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 has spawned application scenarios such as online meetings and remote collaboration, and the demand for meeting display equipment and video conference 

systems is rapidly increasing.

However, the market and demand are diverse, and the digital changes in all walks of life are dynamic, which also puts forward more diversified requirements for remote video conferences. It is far from enough to install a software or APP. Only the perfect combination of "diversified intelligent hardware+innovative experience software system" can meet the multi-scenario communication and 

collaboration, and truly "understand your needs and know what you want"

In the face of such demand, Leyard’s approach is to open up the hardware platform and jointly create an "ecosystem" of conference products, i.e. focus on display terminal technology and products, 

provide an open platform based on providing hardware equipment with excellent display effect and immersive body feeling, and be compatible with software technology in more fields, so as to jointly 

develop solutions that can be applied to different scenarios.

At this InfoComm, Leyard's "Immersive Teleconference" was an eye-opener. Fully-curved P0.9 small pitch seamless splicing screen, hidden eye-contact camera, all-around acoustic irradiation system, 

creating an immersed visual experience; Immersive long-distance "deskmate", face-to-face and identify the location by sound technologies create a strong sense of presence. Make the remote 

conference more realistic, and make the video communication smoother with collaborative sharing and intelligence.


Experiencing the Immersive Video Conference on Site

Leyard conference commercial display series products focus on intelligent conference rooms. It can provide complete intelligent solutions from Huddle Room, War Room to Large Conference Room.


Experiencing the LED Conference AIO on Site


Experiencing the OLED Transparent Conference Screen on Site

In addition, Leyard’s creative display has also developed rapidly. At present, its products are widely used in industries such as exhibition and display, commercial space, advertising media, cultural 

tourism, sports events, and intelligent education, and various innovative LED display screens catering to the market demand have been developed one after another, providing customers with overall 

solutions for LED display systems including demand analysis, system design, product research and development, equipment manufacturing and professional consultation.

At this exhibition, the 3D Polarized Light Cinema independently developed by Leyard, the Virtual Shooting-XR Space created by Dahooo Technology of Leyard, the Huge Naked-eye 3D Visual Effect 

Screen jointly created by Leyard and its LinsoLED Technology, and the Transparent Screen created by Leyard’s Smart Display all represent the technological frontier and market prospect of the current 

creative display market.


A 3D Polarized Light Cinema from the Perspective of Audience


Virtual Shooting-XR Space: The Host Broadcasts Live on "Mars"


The Unmissable Naked-eye 3D Screen


Transparent Screen

In fact, Leyard's cutting-edge insight and innovative ability in the field of LED display technology reflected by the products exhibited in each Industry Exhibition is only the tip of the iceberg. Leyard has 

always been an industry leader in the last two decades of updated iterations of LED display technology and intense competition.

Promote innovation with application and reshape value with innovation. We believe that relying on its deeply rooted focus and continuous innovation, Leyard will continue to lead the industry to cope 

with the high-definition transformation of the LED display industry, and build a brand-new ultra-high-definition world together with partners by realizing technology integration and expanding more 

visual application scenarios.