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 [BIG NEWS] Leyard Won Overseas Micro LED Display Projects Again

[BIG NEWS] Leyard Won Overseas Micro LED Display Projects Again


Recently, Leyard Group has successfully received the order of 8K micro LED display project with an area of nearly 150 square meters from a Russian bank. This is the third Russian Micro LED display project order received by Leyard, and the cumulative amount of the three project orders exceeds 6 million USD.

The project mainly includes: P0.6 Micro LED display screen with an area of 27.5 square meters(over two 8K resolutions); P0.7 curved Micro LED display screen with an area of 7.08 square meters; P0.9 Micro LED display with an area of approximately 100 square meters, and the total project area is approximately 150 square meters. The 54-inch 2K(P0.6), 67-inch 2K(P0.7) and 81-inch 2K(P0.9) Micro LED standardized commercial display products first launched by Leyard in the world will be adopted for the product, and its ultra-high definition image quality will bring unparalleled visual experience.

This is another phased achievement made by Leyard in promoting the commercialization of Micro LED display after the successful delivery of two Micro LED display projects for CHN ENERGY and a Middle East oil company respectively.


On January 1, 2021, the Micro LED display project of CHN ENERGY was officially launched

In 2020, with the landing and industrialization of Micro LED display technology, the LED industry ushered in a broader market space, and a new round of high-growth cycle of the industry was launched. Commercial application of Micro LED direct display products and large-scale replacement of Mini LED backlight will greatly increase the growth rate of LED industry.

As a pioneer in the field of Micro LED display, Leyard began to actively explore and practice the Micro LED display technology and application in 2014, and made great breakthroughs in the bottleneck problem that restricted the development of Micro LED display, such as mass transfer technology and driving IC technology. 

In October 2020, Leadstar, a joint venture established by Leyard and Taiwan EPISTAR Corporation, was officially put into production and became the first mass production base of Micro LED in the world. The self-designed Mass Transfer Device used by Leadstar provides a new possibility for greatly improving the transfer accuracy, efficiency and yield (99%), further increasing the production capacity, and reducing the price of Micro LED products according to the material conditions. It is the breakthrough of Micro LED products and the "inevitable choice" for China's new display products to achieve "corner overtaking". Leadstar aims to realize COB and COG products with pixel pitch as low as 0.4 and below by optimizing and improving the massive transfer technology, which provides better technical support for further developing higher density, better image quality and application expansion of Micro LED in AR/VR, mobile phone, tablet and other fields.

After the Leadstar was officially put into production, the products have been recognized by the market, and the order volume has reached saturation, so the product is in short supply. At present, the production order of Leadstar has been scheduled to June, exceeding the production capacity plan. Therefore, it is decided to complete the first phase of production expansion seven months ahead of schedule and achieve the production capacity of 800kk/ month by the end of May 2021.

At present, Leyard's Micro LED products have been gradually applied to commercial situations such as big data centers, intelligent command centers, monitoring centers, exhibitions and so on. With the advent of digital display era and the acceleration of new infrastructure and 5G+8K application, Micro LED products will be applied to civilian markets and household markets such as cinema lines and home theaters faster and more widely.

It is difficult to walk without a road, and it is more difficult to carve out a way. From the development of the first true color LED display in China to the original LED small spacing technology (naming); From leading the creation of LED small spacing for ten years to opening a new era of Micro LED display ...... As a pioneer in the industry for 26 years, when we look back, every step of Leyard is a positive contribution to promote the development of the industry and enhance human audio-visual enjoyment.

The history always repeats itself in an amazing way, but the rule has never changed. New technology breeds new opportunities, new opportunities spawn new products, and new products incite new markets. Nowadays, the LED display industry has ushered in a new era of Mini/Micro LED display, and Leyard is also accelerating the commercial application of Mini/Micro technology. In the future, Leyard will actively play the role of enterprises, unite all colleagues in the industrial chain, make concerted efforts to set standards, improve yield and reduce costs, and accelerate the industrialization, scale and commercialization of Mini/Micro LED display.