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360 Degree Digital Ring Screen Show at Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

360 Degree Digital Ring Screen Show at Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall


After more than a year of renovation, the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall located in the People's Square has finally unveiled its mystery. Leyard has helped to comprehensively upgrade the Hall and create a shocking 360 degree digital ring screen show for its Preface Hall. Stepping into the Preface hall, a huge double-sided arc-shaped LED display is hung under the domical vault, and the screen slowly unfolds to show the all inclusive urban beauty of Shanghai in the form of dynamic performance.

The splendid 360 degree digital ring screen has the following technical characteristics

  Ultra Thin and Anti-dropping Type  


Each LED screen is 12 meters long, 3.3 meters high, weighs about 4 tons, and four curved screens form the ring. Due to the limited top space, Leyard limited the total thickness of the screen to 180mm, even though it is such a large double-sided moving LED screen. And each module unit has anti-dropping protection to provide security.


  Low Noise and High Load  


The director group of exhibition hall requires that the overall noise is less than 55dB and can not shake. The annular motion function and lifting function Leyard hereby develop perfectly meet the requirements. At the same time, it also compensates the error well through the "absolute closed-loop control" function.

  High-speed Circular Motion  


The screen needs to bear huge impact force due to its large weight and the demand for high-speed movement (the maximum speed is 0.5m/s). Since the screens are lifted by steel wire ropes and the lifting height reaches 6m, how to avoid shaking during high-speed movement is the biggest problem. What’s more, the distance between the inner and outer ring screens is only 260mm. Leyard perfectly solved these problems by accurately controlling the stretching angle of steel wire ropes and effectively designing motor algorithm.

  Fully Upgraded Display Visual Effects  

In addition to the 360 degree digital ring screen, Leyard has built an outdoor LED display for the entrance of Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and an indoor LED display for the News Release Room to help the hall fully upgrade its display visual effects.



As a leader in the LED display industry, Leyard will always focus on scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the road of integrated innovation and development, and provide better products for global customers.