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Top 10 News of Leyard in 2021

Top 10 News of Leyard in 2021


- 01 -

Another Achievement of LED Display

The total orders of Leyard Group exceeded 11.5 billion RMB, with operating revenue of approximately 8.8 billion RMB (up by approximately 32%), and operating profit increased sharply. 

The total orders of Leyard LED display business reached an all-time high (an increase of 44%, and the channel order amount exceeded 2 billion RMB).

Leyard LED display products ranked NO.1 in the global market share for five consecutive years.


- 02 -

Served the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of the CPC

Art performance "The Great Journey" in Bird's Nest

The grand gathering celebrating the centenary of the CPC held at Tian'anmen Square

The Museum of the CPC

Light shows celebrating the centenary of the CPC across the country


- 03 -

High-end Manufacturing Capacity Doubled

Overall Layout at Home and Abroad

The Shenzhen Southern Industrial Base was completed

The Changsha Intelligent Industrial Park was put into production

The Wuxi Micro Industrial Base and the Slovak factory doubled their production capacities (the overall speed-up of intelligence and digitalization)

The intelligent display annual output value of Leyard Group is bound to reach RMB10 billion


- 04 -

Remarkable Achievements in Research and Development

Micro LED Industrialization Accelerated

From ASIC control chips to COG mode MLED series products, from the commercial use of Micro LED to the launch of Micro LED whole-series household TV, domestic and foreign Micro LED display orders have increased greatly (over 300 million RMB) with a promising prospect.


- 05 -

Overseas Orders Hit a New High

Overseas business was achieved beyond schedule with powerful international demand, and display orders reached a new high (44% growth). Leyard has fully launched its international business, and the business situation in 2022 is promising.


- 06 -

Breakthrough in Limitation of Virtual-reality Technology

March towards Metaverse Industry with powerful strength

With the world's leading virtual-reality (VR, AR, XR) motion capture technology, Virtual Point and Dahooo seized the opportunity to enter the "Metaverse" industry; The net profit of Natural Point reached 120 million RMB, representing a year-on-year increase of 76% and a record high.


- 07 -

Comprehensive Ecological Cooperation

Achievements are in Budding

Leyard has cooperated with Huawei, TCL CSOT, JD.COM, Ali, Tencent and ByteDance in depth to jointly create high-quality products and services with complementary advantages for win-win.


- 08 -

Build the Smart City Infrastructure,

Innovate & Develop Nighttime Cultural Tourism

The independently developed "Intelligent Lamp Pole Cloud Platform" can uniformly and centrally control and manage functions such as smart lighting, smart transportation, and video monitoring, thus covering all basic functions in the smart city system. The night cultural tourism has begun its comprehensive reform and innovation. It is expected to bottom out after the pandemic.


- 09 -

Safeguard the Visual Effect for Olympic Games with Technology

From 2008 to 2021, from summer to winter, Beijing once again shows the oriental charm to the world. Leyard provides services and guarantees for the 2022 Winter Olympics with technology again.


- 10 -

Comprehensive Upgrade of Management Efficiency

Fulfill the Common Prosperous Strategy

The implementation of internal control system, CRM, SRM and other management information systems has comprehensively improved management efficiency; Leyard once again launched a share incentive plan to buy back 22 million shares for 150 million RMB to motivate 225 key employees; The "Leyard Charity Fund" was set up to provide relief to the poor and support education, science and technology, and cultural innovation.