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   2021 Annual Summary | What exactly is

2021 Annual Summary | What exactly is "Immersive Experience"?


In an era of experience, everything can be "immersive". However, the "immersive experience" that combines the sense of technology, interactivity and enjoyment is becoming 

the "new favorite".

In the past year, Leyard has made continuous breakthroughs and innovations in the creation of "immersive scenes". Let's see how Leyard brings "immersive" experiences to 


01   Immersive Meeting  

During the NPC and CPPCC sessions this year, the New Cube Studio created by Leyard's Dahooo Technology for Xinhua News Agency creatively brought 5G + 8K "immersive 

meeting" for the audience.


In this fascinating studio, people feel like they are on a time-space shuttle. The virtual space and the reality can magically merge to break through the space-time barrier and achieve immersive meeting and immersive discussion.


Twelve guests are participating in the "Immersive Meeting" theme event

Twelve guests "walked into" the Great Hall of the People for an immersive meeting, talked with several NPC deputies, linked up with Journalist from Xinhua News Agency, and passed through many different scenes to talk about the voice of China, the voice of the people and the voice of the future.

02   Immersive Banquet Hall  

Leyard created the first 3D panoramic immersive banquet hall - the CP Grand Hall - in Beijing, with innovative technology applications and innovative design, won the title of "The Most Dynamic Science and Technology Venue of the Year" of the Sinatech Top Awards.

640 宴会厅.gif

As one of the chief producers of CP Grand Hall, Leyard has undertaken the production of LED displays and visual content totaling more than 1000sqm, and has provided audio and video making and technical support for the lobby, the main hall, the multi-function hall and the conference room.


Lobby: It is equipped with a giant interactive screen that blends the roof, wall and floor. The Leyard VED Series P2.5mm LED Small Pitch Screen not only perfectly presents various special effects, but can also be used in combination with Virtual Reality technology. 


Main Hall: The 1400sqm large space combined with panoramic immersive pillarless structural design ingeniously makes the entire hall look more magnificent and atmosphere. Much of the wall and roof are covered with Leyard carbon fiber ultrathin LED screens, completely upending the structure of convention spaces. The "diamond" screen added in the middle of the roof can be changed into multi-faceted convex screen, extending the screen and adding a sense of space.  



Beautiful and gorgeous multi-theme scenes, such as the mysterious underwater world, the dreamy and quiet midsummer starry sky, and the changing four-season scenery, interact with each other. This kind of truly immersive surround effect puts every guest in the 3D scene to achieve an immersive feeling, which perfectly combines virtuality with reality.

03   Immersive Dinner  

At the "Guilin Night" dinner, Leyard Linso Culture & Technology helped to create a freehand, aesthetic, ethereal and flexible artistic conception of Guilin, thus innovatively showing Guilin's landscape, history and humanities with imperceptible interaction, bringing the five-sense experience of "seeing, listening, smelling, touching and tasting", allowing the participants to deeply experience the local conditions and customs of Guilin.


The Water and Moon Against Xiangshan - Fan Dance


The Clear Lijiang River - Poem Recitation


Yipin Rice Noodles - Secular Life

More Classic Cases of Immersive Dinner

Donghu Group Gourmet Tasting Night Dinner




04   Immersive Stage  

Combined with the advantages of LED display products and intelligent mechanical technology capabilities, Leyard uses different pixel pitch general display products or creative 

display products according to different application needs with AR, VR, MR, projection and other technologies to create a digital high-end performing visual effects with the 

combination of virtuality and reality.  

With the full category of high-end performing visual effect display products and rich stage visual effect service experience, Leyard has provided services for most high-end 

performing stages/ performances in China.


Spring Festival Gala Evening


2021 China Fashion Awards


Large clothing culture show "Chinese Dresses"


CCTV3 Depth Interview - My Art List


CCTV Variety Show - National Treasure


CCTV1 - The Reader


Multi-media Performance - Longli Water Town - Gui Show

05   Immersive Shopping  

Leyard helped to create a new high-tech scene type immersive shopping experience center for Xi’an MALL, including Creative Naked Eye 3D Giant Screen, Up-down Slidable Mechanical Giant Screen in the Atrium, Special-shaped Suspension Backdrop, Digital Advertising Signage, XR Immersive Virtual Live Room and other new black-tech digital display device.


Creative Naked Eye 3D Giant Screen


Up-down Slidable Mechanical Giant Screen in the Atrium


Irregular Shape Suspended Dome Screen


XR Immersive Virtual Studio

06   Immersive Museum  

Leyard has worked with the Shanghai Astronomy Museum, the world's largest astronomical museum, to create a journey of multi-sensory exploration to help visitors shape a 

complete view of the universe.

The main building is divided into three exhibition areas: the "Home" exhibition area introduces the solar system to the audience, the "Universe" exhibition area introduces the 

observable universe outside the sun, and the "Journey" exhibition area reviews the history of humanity's study for astronomy.



Intelligent Mechanical Visualization Virtual Effect


Home - Planetarium Hall


Home - Sun-Earth-Moon


Home - Galaxy Scroll


Cosmic - Interstellar


Cosmic - Calendar


Cosmic - Gravity, Curved Space-time and Black Hole


Journey - Chang'e Lunar Exploration


Journey - Tianhe Core Module

Many visual effects technologies emerge in endlessly, and digital technology is becoming more and more core. Leyard always adheres to innovation-driven development and takes the advantages of digital audio-visual technology to bring cutting-edge visual effects experience to audiences.