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 Leyard helps the world's first SDG Center with

Leyard helps the world's first SDG Center with "one display that connects all"


"Display" is everywhere and will be increasingly used in the "interconnected" future. Next generation of evolving technologies including big data, 5G, AI and IoT inject new vitality into the display industry 

and create more opportunities for it.

The world's first International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals ("SDG Center"), a move taken by China to support the UN's role in international affairs has been 

inaugurated in Beijing. We are proud to have participated in the construction of the SDG Center by providing 300sqm NPP LED display products (systems) and a total big data visual solution for 

ensuring its efficient construction, management and operation.


▲ International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (Xinhua News Agency)

The SDG Center will work on data sharing, R&D, research and training serving the sustainable development goals based on the earth big data infrastructure, subject-driven platform and government 

decision-making support system being built by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The "big data platform for sustainable development goals" of which the construction we participated in is China's first-of-its-kind cloud service platform designed to provide users including the public, 

researchers and decision makers with "one-stop" sustainable services and public data products from data calculation to analysis, display and sharing services efficiently through "one big screen" as a 

visual display and interactive terminal.


▲ Big data platform for sustainable development goals at the SDG Center (Xinhua News Agency)

The 200sqm two-sided curved LED display system and 32sqm sphere LED display system we created for the "big data decision-making zone for sustainable development goals" integrate creativity with 

technology, space with art to create an immersive, interactive visual simulation and analysis environment in the futuristic zone and constitute a decision-making support platform for the SDG center.

In addition to creativity, functionality and practicability were prioritized in the design of the display system. NPP LED products and systems, and ultra-wide two-sided curved UHD LED display system 

enabling naked-eye 3D and active 3D stereo display were used. The mechanical motion control software and display playback system of which the intellectual property rights are owned by Linso under 

Leyard were employed for the sphere LED display system to combine video playback with mechanical motion.


▲ Big data decision-making support platform for sustainable development goals at the SDG Center (Xinhua News Agency)

New trend: one display connecting all

Display is everywhere in the connected age, changing people's lives for the better. Capabilities needed by a tech company in such an age are intelligence and connectivity.

Data shows that 83% of the information the brain gathers comes via the optic nerves. Hence, "displays" are playing an increasingly important role in people's lives, especially for actions such as 

"terminal connection", "information flow", and "command completion". They are the interface with and access to intelligent virtual worlds.

New display revenue hit 446 billion yuan in China 2020, up 19.7% from 2019 and accounting for 40.3% of global revenue. The industry ranked No.1 in the world by size.

As the industry keeps expanding, new products and technologies emerge constantly in an increasingly intelligent way.

New ecosystem: extended industrial chain and win-win cooperation

The global economy was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic last year. On the other hand, however, the virus led to an increase in demand for teleconferencing, distance education, and home 

entertainment, especially as the Mini/Micro LED has been growing rapidly. 

This year, the industry gains momentum against the trend and serves as a cornerstone for upgrading information consumption and developing digital economy and electronic information industry.

As information technology advances rapidly and industrial transformation accelerates, new display is becoming a strategic and fundamental industry for national economy and social development. 

From industrial chain to supply chain, all sectors of the industry coexist and flourish together. The closer interaction is helping build a more mature and perfect industrial ecosystem.

We will seize this opportunity and leverage our leading role to extend our business to the high end of the industrial chain, improve key Micro LED technology by deepening industrial chain cooperation, 

and use such technology as a strategic and global advantage to build a new ecosystem based on win-win cooperation for accelerating the high quality, sustainable development of the industry.

One display representing one world. At the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan period, we are full of confidence in the new display industry, as world-leading manufacturers get involved in the Micro 

LED sector. Behind the technology iterations, there are many years of accumulation and a more inclusive industrial ecosystem plan. The future looks promising.

Source: Economic Information Daily