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"Tian he" Occupies the Lead Position of China Space Station. Leyard Provides Visual Protection


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At about 11:23 a.m. (Beijing Time) on April 29, 2021, Long March 5B Rocket carrying the "Tian He" core module of China's space station was launched under the command of the Beijing Aerospace Control Center (BACC) and the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center (WSLC), and accurately entered the predetermined orbit. The mission was a complete success.

It is Leyard that provides the LED command display system and transforms the upgraded BACC and WSLC, which realized the coordinated control of multi-command halls and the interconnection of multi-department information and ensured the smooth launch in an all-round way.

Source: Wechat of People's Daily


Source: Source of CCTV News

Leyard Group, as a pioneer in audio-visual technology, has the honor to participate in the "upgrading of small-pitch LED display system” and “distributed image processing system” in BACC which serves as the "command brain".

If BACC is the "command brain", the command hall in the central position is the "nerve center" of this launch. Due to the real-time performance, sensitivity and importance of space launch, the strong stability of audio-video display and control system is extremely demanding.

With years of experience in the aerospace program, Leyard understands the work requirements of command offices, business departments and multi-function working groups of BACC. It uses Leyard 1.25mm fine pitch LED displays and fully distributed audio-video splicing processors when designing the command display system, which not only effectively realizes the access of massive audio-video signal sources and the accurate synchronous display of fine pitch LED, but also ensures the sharing and interactive push of pictorial information of each hall, thus meeting the support needs of the multi-mission command display of the space station, and effectively helping China's space industry rank the top. 

Leyard provides LED display screens for the testing and launching hall of WSLC.

Source: "Our space" microblog account

From "The Long March-5 Y3 Carrier Rocket" to "Long March 5 Series Launch Vehicle", from the "First Sampling of Extraterrestrial Objects by Chang'e-5'" to "Tian He Core Module Successfully Built in Orbit", China's aerospace personnel are constantly refreshing the height of China's space exploration. By virtue of high quality products and services, Leyard is worthy of the mission of "China screen".

The success of this launch marks the start of the in-orbit assembly and construction of China's space station in full swing, which lays a solid foundation for the subsequent key technology verification and the smooth implementation of the assembly and construction of the space station. According to the plan, China will carry out 11 follow-up launches between 2021 and 2022. And Leyard will continue to uphold the spirit of China's space industry, and escort each launch with high-quality products and services. At the same time, it will continue to advance bravely towards the goal of "improving human audio-visual enjoyment".