About Leyard

The World's Leader in Fine Pitch LED and Premier Provider of Visual Experiences

Making The World More Visual

Unforgettable and useful visuals that thrive in our customer environments has always been our passion. We give you the ability to see: the imagery, the data, the advertising, the movie, the show, the presentation, the dashboard, the game. In this way, display technology creates experiences.


We Design With You In Mind.

WAt Leyard, we know our customers have brands to build, companies to run, entertainment to create, and their own customers to delight. And those efforts require the highest quality, reliability, and visual performance. The display of information and imagery is central to the experiences we help enable and the business results that are produced.


Experience And Expertise Second To None

With decades of experience in LED, flat panel display technology, projection, and processing, we bring deep technology expertise to big visualization challenges. We help you understand the technology options available to you and bring the latest and best offerings to bear.


Worldwide. Everywhere

You may not realize it, but chances are good you’ve already had your eyes on a Leyard display. From the Sahara to Siberia to Shanghai to St. Louis, you’ll find Leyard on television sets, in public venues like airports and train stations, in corporate offices, retail stores, and on broadcast sets, all over the world.


With strong global operations that include Asia, North America, Europe we can satisfy the needs of global customers.