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NBA 5v5 | Leyard's & NBA China cooperation got to the Next Level

NBA 5v5 | Leyard's & NBA China cooperation got to the Next Level


The Fourth NBA 5v5 games powerful breakthrough! After three years of accumulation and precipitation, NBA 5v5 has become one of the most competitive and spectacular basketball events in China. This year, as the official supplier NBA 5v5 of LED, Leyard | Global D Sports provides professional LED sports equipment solutions for these matches. In addition, the Leyard Group has upgraded its cooperation with NBA China to a next level and become an official marketing partner for the 2019 NBA China Games.

The current NBA 5v5 basketball match was held in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang and Hangzhou, with the Finals Game in Shanghai. Leyard Group not only provides LED visual system solutions for all competition areas, but witnesses the development and prospect of Chinese amateur’s basketball.


△Leyard "China Screen" Witnesses the victory of Shengshi Jieqing Team at Guangzhou games


Leyard "China Screen" Witnesses the victory of Gather Sea Team at Chengdu Games


Leyard "China Screen" Witnesses the victory of Zhongtian Qilin Team at Shenyang Games

As an official marketing partner of NBA China Games, Leyard continues the bilateral cooperation , combines their respective resource advantages, improving audio-visual atmosphere, and jointly creating the most wonderful visual experience of the basketball games, promoting the communication and development of basketball cultural in China, and bringing up more new fans know basketball, love basketball, and feel the purest charm of basketball.

In recent years, Leyard Group has been providing serves to many kinds of domestic and top international standards sports events. Leyard has provided LED visual services for the home field of Houston Rockets, the FINA World Swimming Championships, Women's Volleyball World Championship, China Open, Shanghai Longines Global Champions Tour, Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix and other major international sports events. In the future, Leyard will continue to contribute to all kinds of high-end sports events at home and abroad with high-quality products and services.


Leyard Provides Visual System Services for the Home Field of Houston Rockets


Leyard Provides Projectors and LED Visual Services for the 2018 FINA World Swimming Championships


Leyard Provides Exclusive LED Visual Services for the 2018 Women's Volleyball World Championship


Leyard has become the Exclusive LED Display Partner of China Open for five Consecutive Years


Leyard has Assisted Shanghai LONGINES Global Champions Tour for four Consecutive Years


Leyard has been Designated LED Supplier and Strategic Partner of Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix for three Consecutive Years